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M5power develops and produces high technology and quality li-ion batteries for electric bike, electric skateboard, e-mobility and storage power, geophysical and industrial applications. 

The products range includes: electric bike battery, scooter mobility battery, electric pruning shears battery, portable medical equipment battery, GPS tracking system battery , seismic recorder battery etc.

As a pioneer in providing total power solutions. We Enjoyed rapid growth by working closely with customers.Technicians and engineers are your competent partners, offering you ready-made concepts or develops a new solution. Implement your project from an idea to the successful product.

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Focus on electric bike battery, electric skateboard battery, scooter mobility battery Solutions

Automotive Battery

Design and Build Lithium or lifepo4 Battery with advance CAN BUS communcation protocol for electric truck, electric forklift and E-boat

Energy Storage

Small or big li-ion backup batteries for tracking systme, communication systme, solar power, Film crew, police etc.

Home Appliance

Specially for home lawn mover, power tools, electric clearner, pruning shears etc.

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