Energy Storage on the highway

Since the support to green and renewable energy has been the mainstream trend globally, the development of storage technology and equipment for clean energy has been a urgent schedule brought forward by people in recent years. Battery Storage Industry in China, as a representative of the whole energy storage industry, has achieved many new break-through revolutions. The strong production ability and relatively advanced technology have gradually welcomed by customers overseas.

Technology: A milestone achievement made by Huawei

With several times of experiments, Huawei released its new product: the first anti-high temperature and long-run Graphene lithium ion battery. As recorded by Huawei, versus normal lithium battery, the new product’s life cycle is twice than normal’s. This technological achievement can improve the electromobile’s charging efficiency, which would push the widespread use of electromobiles, thereby combining Battery Storage Industry and electromobile Vehicle Industry. 


The ability of technological research and development have been strengthen in the industry for past years. Moreover, High quality and High-tech content products are becoming a new business card in front of international market.